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  1. Why should I advertise here?

  2. What makes this directory better than other advertising options?

  3. Why should I advertise if I am already listed in your directory?

  4. I really can't afford to advertise.

  5. Are your Ad rates competitive?

  6. Why is your Ad plan better than "Pay Per Click"?

  7. Does advertising on your site really work?

  8. How do I make sure that I keep the top banner or page placement?

  9. Do you offer any guarantees?

  10. How do I sign up and what is the commitment?

  11. How do I create a professional looking ad banner?


Why should I advertise here?

Because we are attracting the people you want to reach! Thousands of rustic decor and log home shoppers are browsing our pages every month.  Your Ad will be seen by people who are searching for your products. 

More than 85% of Internet users find web sites with the help of the search engines and directories.  Fundamental to the survival of any business is that we MUST advertise and promote our business.  Spending Ad dollars where they will have the greatest impact is vital to your success.

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What makes our directory better than other advertising options?

Focus, content, optimization and promotion drives results in search engines.  Our focus is very narrow - log home information and rustic & log furniture.  This helps separate us from other directories and search engines that try to be all things to all people.  To further amplify our focus, we have divided our listings into niche-oriented directories.

Content: we have one of the largest databases of rustic furniture businesses and log home related companies online (or off).  In addition to that, we offer a blog, industry and 'how-to' articles, press releases and other rustic and log home related news and information.

Optimization: we spend an extraordinary amount of time optimizing our HTML code with search-engine-friendly page design to make it easier for search engines to index our content.  Ours are human-edited directories.

Promotional efforts: in addition to a sophisticated linking strategy, we buy PPC advertising on content-related sites and in all major search engines. By advertising here, we do the heavy lifting of attracting targeted buyers to our sites. 

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Why should I advertise if I am already listed in your directory?

To stand out from the crowd. It is one thing to attend an exclusive party - but the best dressed and most recognized attendees receive all the attention.  We're holding the party and attracting the crowd.  By advertising here, you can catch their eyes (and their click-throughs to your site).

It is an established marketing principle that people typically need to see your message more than once to take action.  Seeing your alphabetical listing in the directory along with other Ads for your products helps to reinforce your message - and get results.

Your Ad separates you from the rest of the database.

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I really can't afford to advertise.

Every business owner (including myself) has made that statement at one time or another. The cold reality is that we simply can't afford NOT to advertise.  What you must do is advertise where you get the best bang for your buckAdvertise where your prospects are! (where the fish are feeding)

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Are your Ad rates competitive?

Actually, our Ad rates are unusually low.  As an example, one 'competitor' (a print magazine's website) charges $5000 per month for a banner Ad, which does NOT include an Ad in their magazine.  To make things more absurd, they have the same Google Page Rank as we do, and their monthly traffic is comparable. Go figure!

We know our rates are low today, and we can promise you they will not be this low a year from now.  When we can demonstrate that we're delivering more people to our customers' sites and making more sales, we will increase our rates according to market. This is probably a good reason to consider making an Ad buy of 12 months and locking-in today's rates.

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Why is your Ad plan better than "Pay Per Click"?

With our program, there is no additional charge to you if you receive 10 clicks or 1,000 clicks.  You can advertise on our site for as little as $10 per month, where some search engine PPC programs require a minimum of $50.00 per month.

Extreme Relevancy.  Visitors to our site are looking for YOUR products.  We've already done the work to attract buyers.  A compelling Ad about your company and products can get their attention.

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Does advertising on your site really work?

Clearly, it would be inappropriate for us to discuss other company's strategies, but you can be the judge of whether or not advertising works on our site. 

The Google AdSense ads that you see on most of our pages generate thousands of dollars of ad revenue each month.  Those are ads (from your competitors) who pay Google to display their Ads on our pagesYes, advertising on our site works!

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How do I make sure that I keep the top banner or page placement?

We sell our Ad space on a first-come-first-served basis.  If you want to ensure that you keep your placement you should make an extended buy (12 mos.) and be sure to renew before your Ad expires.

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Do you offer any guarantees?

Twenty years ago I was selling business communication products. We used to joke that our guarantee was... "We guarantee you that we'll be surprised - if our products don't work

Business advertising is no joke, and if someone guarantees you results as obscure as how many people will click on your Ad, grab your wallet and head for the door.  We guarantee that we will bring targeted visitors to our site (our traffic record is available to the public).  What we can't guarantee is that your Ad will receive X-number of clicks.

There are many factors that determine how effective your Ad will be.  This is why it is important that your Ad be eye-catching, informative and have a call to action (i.e. Free Shipping, or 20% Off Sale, etc.).

Reality check:  We will help generate the traffic, but if your site isn't designed to "SELL", no amount of promotion will convert shoppers into buyers.

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How do I sign up and what is the commitment?

Begin by reviewing the Ad options we offer.  For as little as $10 per month and a 3 month commitment, you can be advertising your business tomorrow. Go here to review Ad options and place an order.

How do I create an ad banner?

You have a number of options.  You can hire a graphics artist, ask us to create your banner for a nominal fee or DIY with a powerful and intuitive program from Xara - click the banner below for more information.



The bottom line...

Advertising your business in our directories is affordable, cost effective, results oriented... and just may mean the difference between a good year and a great year with your product sales. Go here to make your Ad buy!

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