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What they say...

...."we get 15% of our hits from your site. Thank you."

--- P.S. from Texas

We monitor our stats regularly and receive traffic from your directory almost every day.  Great job!

--- M.H. Jacksonville, FL

If you are in the log home industry or the log & rustic furniture business, we are reaching the people who are looking for you!

Advertising on the Internet is a lot like going fishing...

Unfortunately, just being out on the water doesn't guarantee you'll catch any fish.  You need the right "lure" (your Ad) - but most importantly...

You gotta fish where the fish are!

We don't have the biggest pond, but we do have one of the best fishing holes in this niche.  Okay, enough with the fishing metaphors.  Your prospective customers do not have gills, and spending your advertising dollars is not as much fun as drowning worms.   

Montana TomHi, I'm Tom Heatherington, editor of the rustic directories and 'head tinkerer' of the Webunet Group.  Our flagship sites, the Log Cabin Directory and the Log Furniture Directory are leaders in their niches. We work very hard optimizing these sites, writing articles, filming videos, gathering new content and pulling together information that attracts visitors...
visitors who are looking for you

We can help you find new visitors

Our websites receive tens of thousands of unique visitors every month.  I personally don't sell log furniture or log homes, but our websites attract people who are looking to buy those products.  They come for the content and the information - and they need to see your Ad. 

Advertising is a funny game

Hey, I've been on the buying end of the advertising game for decades and I know the gut-wrenching questions... Where do you spend your dollars?  Where do you get the best bang for your buck?  Who can you trust?

Which would you prefer? 

Ten thousand random visitors or 10 serious buyers?  It isn't the quantity, it's the quality of visitors that matter.  When you are catering to a niche such as ours, ONE serious shopper is better than 100,000 indifferent browsers.

So, where should you advertise?

Any Log MagazineAs business owners, all of us get a rush seeing our Ad in a high-circulation magazine, and that's a great ego stroke, but not usually a marketing decision that reaps rewards.  Think about it... a major 'Log Home' magazines may boast circulation numbers of 40,000+ subscribers.  What does that REALLY mean to YOU?  That your Ad MAY be seen by 40,000 people.  Maybe.

  • How many of those magazines do you think go to libraries, hair salons, doctor offices and waiting rooms of businesses that cater to the general public?
    ...A whole bunch!

  • How many people will see an Ad in a magazine, go find a computer and type a URL to visit a website?
    ...Not many.

Cost vs. ROI

A full page ad in many industry magazines can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000+.  Ouch, that's $0.25 per eyeball and not one click!

Magazine advertising is great if you are trying to build a brand. 

Every company of every size should try to develop a brand, but if you want immediate action and the chance for an instant sale, you need your Ad to appear on a content-related, high-profile, quality website.

You cannot rely on search engines

Trusting that your listing in the search engines alone will fuel your sales is akin to believing that you will win the lottery... twice!

Why?  Search engines use mathematical algorithms to evaluate websites (for inclusion in their database) - not human eyeballs.  This automated technology makes the decision on a site's "worthiness" (for inclusion) by using pre-programmed conditions.  Among their criteria...

The amount of traffic a site receives.  Well, that leaves most of us out in the cold as we operate in such a narrow industry niche.  Your goal is not oodles of traffic, but qualified, interested buyers.

The numbers of other sites that link "to" your site.  The idea behind this is that if numerous sites link to, it must be popular and offers great information.  Do you believe that you can convince hundreds or thousands of other websites to link to your site?  Do you have the time to try?

Depth of content.  Again, this eliminates most of us as our websites are more electronic brochures and storefronts, not jam-packed with related educational matter.  As an example, few log furniture sites discuss the history of log furniture, construction techniques, or interior design in detail.  Your objective is to sell products, not offer a history course.

Site design.  How well your HTML code is optimized with keywords, META tags, or conforms to W3C validation... I mean really, how many of us are professional web geeks who have time for such nonsense?

Why advertise with us?

The only purpose of advertising online is to appeal to serious shoppers.  Your challenge is finding them!  Our websites attract targeted consumers!  People who are searching for YOUR products.  Advertise with a plan that makes sense. 

Advertise where your customers are! 

You have questions...

We have tried to anticipate every uncertainty you might have about advertising with us.  Maybe you're ready to give us a try.  If so, go here to place your order

Not sure?  Before you make a decision not to accept our service or want to figure this customer acquisition game out on your own... READ THIS FAQ!


More sales!  More qualified, targeted buyers will see your ad and notice your website.  People shopping for rustic decor are discovering the largest collection of rustic-related products and information on our sites.  From antler chandeliers to willow settees and everything in between, the Rustic Directories deliver buyers.