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Log Home Directory - find log home timber frame and log cabin information; architects, dealers, builders, manufacturers, floor plans, renovation and DIY maintenance, see us featured there!

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This limited acceptance to add a link does not create any partnership, agency or employee relationship between our company, any of our websites and you. Website owners are solely responsible for any costs, materials, and content on or pertaining to their websites. We may revoke this limited agreement at any time. Any use of our banner(s) or links in a manner that implies our "sponsorship" of any website, product or services is strictly prohibited. Any website that contains content that may tarnish our reputation or is otherwise objectionable, will result in revoking the privilege to use our banner and links. Material that we consider objectionable and which may not be displayed with our banners or text links includes, but is not limited to, content that: 

  • Violates intellectual property rights or other personal or proprietary rights of any third party or contains or promotes defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, profane or harassing communication;

  • Promotes violence, drugs, militant or extremist views, discrimination based on nationality, disabilities, race, sex, age or religion or promotes sexual acts, nudity, partial nudity or gross depictions;

  • Contains or promotes any unlawful activities or materials;

  • At our sole discretion, any free listing is subject to edits or deletion at any time.

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